Bench or Cart for XXL?

I just learned my SO3 XXL is going to be here much sooner than I expected! Great news, but it means I need to build something to put it on sooner than I thought also. I’ve read much on here about benches other folks have built, and I plan to build a pretty sturdy 4x4 foot bench. For mobility I’d like to put it on 3 or 4 inch rubber locking casters. I have two questions for the group though. Should I plan on using 4x4 lumber for the legs, or would 2x4 legs be stable enough? Will the casters destabilize the machine too much?

Looking forward to my new XXL! Can’t wait to get started.


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I used a kit for the legs for mine. Gave me plenty of underneath storage or I could have put shelving underneath. Very solid…and relatively heavy.


Hey Reidfo - I’m in exactly the same position, my xxl should arrive next Friday so this weekend is bench building weekend! I’ve decided to weld up a table and here’s what I’m using for casters


Welcome to the Shapeoko experience!

There are so many options for machine setup it really depends on what fits best in your circumstances.

For me, for my XL, it’s a rigid, flat, square base on top of a cabinet with drawers and cubbies on 4” lockable casters.

I made a torsion box and mounted it on a wheeled case made from 3/4” MDF. I put a big box on top to reduce noise and dust, hooked up a shop vac in a box on the other side of the garage. Put a refurb laptop on an arm, added an oh shit switch, Nirvana!

Please show us what you come up with!


I have mine on a table that’s made of 1/2 inch plywood and 2x4’s. Its more of a large counter, the back half is nail gunned into the OSB sheeted wall. Its heavy but its nothing 2x4’s cant handle. My workspace is small, 8x8 with a 7’ ceiling. If I had space I would totally put it on wheels; if you don’t really need it in a fixed position and would like to move it around for cleaning or different work angles do it!

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We have our XXL in an enclosure mounted on a solid wood workbench, and have our standard SO3 in an enclosure on a cart using Kreg Tools Universal Bench with the urethane double locking casters from Woodcraft. If I had to do the XXL workbench over again, I would buy the Kreg 44” x 60” bench and place 1 1/4” MDF for a top or torsion box top under the enclosure.

Reading this thread reminded me of this incredibly thorough bench design for a SO.

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My bench doesn’t use 2x4 or 4x4 legs. It has a base platform with attached casters made from 2x4s, a torsion box top and some cabinets made from 3/4" plywood between the two. The thing too large and heavy to push around conveniently, but it was nice to have during assembly.


Thats one cool mammajamma.

Mine is on a desktop and cubicle pedestals I got for a cheap when a local office closed and they found there was no market for used cubicles. I think I have about $80 invested in what is shown here.

I am too lazy to build anything to contain the noise, I just use hearing protection. The suckit & dust deputy seems to keep the dust completely under control.


Bigger casters = easier to push.

Thanks for all your great ideas, everyone. I just finished building my workbench. It’s 3/4" plywood and 2x4’s with a 2x4 brace under the worktop and under the bottom shelf. I put the thing on 3" casters so it’s real easy to move around. I may build a noise enclosure for it in the future.


I made mine 48x48" and ended up adding a small “table” off to the side to set my monitor and desktop keyboard on. The computer itself sits beneath the tabletop on a lower shelf. So consider making the table or bench larger to accommodate the computer you are going to use.

Look at the photo posted by Griff, his bench is larger than the Shapeoko itself.

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48"x48"x38" made using 2 full sheets of 0.75" Maple plywood. The top is doubled up making it 1.50" thick. Probably a little overkill, but there is no sway while the machine is running.


Its always nice to see dewalt tools next to a crime scene :wink: nice table.

I had the same thought regarding a computer table. I have 2 cat5 patch panels left over from a job, i am gonna try and splice a female usb wire into the shop end and run cat5 to my desk in the house to avoid having my laptop in the dusty work area. I am actually gonna attempt a cat5 to hdmi as well so i can link a monitor remotely and not have to run back and forth between machine and screen. If it works i will make a post in case anyone is interested…

Bench with wheels. Buy good quality locking casters. There are times which I did not appreciate at first you need to access the sides and back. If your machine is accessible on all sides in a larger room that’s great. Not the reality for most of us. 4x4’s are over kill. Use two 2x4’s at right angles for the legs. Also give consideration if you will want a sound/dust enclosure at some point which will change the base you build. Have fun!

What a great find and overall solution. You can never have too many drawers. Plus, you’ve got plenty of room around the machine to drop an enclosure on.

I actually bolted two 2’ x 4’ rolling tool boxes back to back and repositioned the wheels I used 5/16" flat stock across the bottom and 12 bolts through the backs. Very solid and 18 drawers of storage to boot.


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