Bench size for Shapeoko 4 XXL?

What size bench do I need for the Shapeoko 4 XXL? Thank you.

At least large enough for the base of the machine, approx.: 1255mm x 1040mm — most folks in the U.S. do a 4’x4’ table made of a half-sheet of plywood.

I just did one 43x52 inches. As I look back a place for my computer would have been nice. However my floor space dictated size. I used leveling casters which I’m happy with. I set the table for use and level the casters onto firm rubber pads. About $45 on Amazon.

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I like separate tables for computer, collet nuts and wrenches and workholding, and stock prep/part post-processing.

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Samcraft has a good video on making a table for the pro. Same size as XXL. I built it for my new XXL.

I went with the 4x4 for my s03 xxl, which leaves plenty of room on the sides for screwdrivers, panic switches, wrenches, etc.

Some folks recommend positioning the unit flush with the front of the stand, so that you can cut straight down into a piece clamped to the front of it (you never know when you might decide to do that), however, I opted to leave a three inch space in front and I built a “catch without roll” space at the middle of that area to catch bits that fall out of the collet during changes. I left the raised portion of that area lower than the bottom of the unit, so I could pull the unit to the edge in the event I wanted to cut at the front of the stand.

For my computer, I hinged a piece of plywood on a folding shelf bracket attached to the side of the stand. This lets me get stuff from behind the unit by folding the stand down (I take the computer off the stand first).

Here are some photos of my setup:

The bit catch-tray at the front:

Room on the sides for tools and such:

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I found the 4’x4’ bench I built for my SO3 XXL slightly narrow to fit the slight extra width of the SO4 and SOPro. With the Hybrid Bed, supporting last that half inch on either side doesn’t really matter, but I built a new bench that is 48" deep and 60" wide. That gave me a little extra width and I really like that size personally.

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I have always imagined the bridge of the Enterprise as my work space.

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