Best bit for cutting 5mm Luann

I use 5 mm Luann and I would like to get the best cutting and smoothest bit. I prefer a 1/8 inch bit.


This bit is the best thing to happen since I bought the machine!

Try the 1/16" from “drillman” on Ebay. I drew some Christmas ornaments in Illustrator. They were about 3" in diameter, with a lot of details. Typically this style pattern is for scrollsaw. AMAZING job. I did some test cuts in MDF as well as Luan. They were 1/8" shank bits.

Is drillman the brand? Are they downcut spirals?

drillman (or drillman1) is the name of the seller on eBay. There should be some links to his store where he sells Kyocera endmills at:

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