Best Bit for Engraving Letters into Wood

I’m starting to grasp some basic concepts with my Shapeoko xxl, however I am in need of some advice on which is the best bit to use for some fine detail lettering. I’m currently designing a small ring box and want to engrave " Forever Together " on the top of the box. Box Dimensions are 2.5" × 2.5".


The community has some notes on how V angle relates to feature size at:

This is a 45 deg bit I used. It is large because I chose to make it that large; however, I’m sure this bit can capture the intricate details you are trying to achieve. If not, they have a 30 deg bit which would be for more fine letters and etc.

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This is a really nice font to use. I’ve used a 60 deg V-bit with it and it looks great when milled. However, I haven’t done a really small size in it. Practice on a piece of pine scrap. I just added it as a graphic so you could see some of the shapes of letters.

That’s great.
What font is this? Is one from the drop down list in CC?


Thank you for your help.

It’s Tiranti Solid Regular available from:

You can use it in Carbide Create after licensing and installing it. (If CC is running, close and restart it to refresh the font list)

Thanks for answering Will. I just now logged in to do so myself.
Great looking font!!

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