Best Castors for Large Enclosure

Hey guys! What castors would be good for a large enclosure? I read somewhere on this forum (maybe from Mark) that some castors were better than others for sound control/vibration control.

The enclosure is very heavy.

Thanks in advance.

*I am beyond stoked to get my XXL Pro next Monday and I sincerely appreciate everyone’s feedback on my questions. Thanks SO much.

You might consider something like this:
When you are not moving around, you can drop your bench to the ground, and have a very solid connection that won’t move around.

I have some of the bench castors and you can buy plates to make them move from machine to machine so you buy only set of casters but many sets of plates. The bench type only lift your machine a little so if you have rough terrain it might not lift high enough. My only complaint with the bench casters is they stick out a long way and can be a trip hazard. I have all my machines on rollers and I have bought a lot of 4-5 inch ones from Woodcraft over the years. After a couple of years the rubber outer covering peels off leaving the rubber core. They still work but are harder to lock. All the 4-5 inch I have lock in both directions and I highly recommend that over the cheap ones that only lock in one direction. You need to get the weight of what you want to put on rollers and buy ones rated for your overall weight. Each caster is usually rated for 100 pounds so 4 of them can support 400 pounds.

Thanks! I have those lock out castors installed but it seems to not support the enclosure even though they are rated to 1000 pounds. I may just move it and install my anti vibration pads.

Only time will tell!

I’d also go with removable or jack-up type castors and then use large adjustable levelling feet for the enclosure to normally rest on.

An adjustable or fixed foot is good at mechanically coupling in all three dimensions for damping unwanted movement, a castor is meant to move in at least two and thus has an inherent disadvantage.

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The leveling feet are a good idea but only if you install them first. The bench type castor is installed at a certain distance from the floor for them to work correctly. As I said earlier they do not have much of a lift. The lift is enough to move the cabinet but if I remember it only lifts about 1/2 inch or so. But there is definitely room for leveling feet if you install them first and then measure and install the castor and/or plates.


I’ve used these:


You just turn the orange disk, and a rubbery pad jacks out of the bottom. I think a pack of four is rated to take 2200 pounds.

My shop floor is not level - so these help a great deal. They aren’t great if you need to continually move the bench around, as they can be a bit fiddly to jack up and down. But for only occasional moves, I highly recommend them.

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Agreed that Graham’s suggestions are fiddly and I never look forward to adjusting them, but they do both jobs well enough.

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