Best engrave software and engrave tool for Nomad?

Will be making alot of engraving on diff materials. For cockpit panels etc.

What is ppl using with their nomads for engrave? I have bought a 0.5mm and 1mm flat end mill and some engrave bits 0.1mm 15-90degrees to get me started.

I dont wanna sit in Fusions 360 and draw every letter in 3d like doing now. Has to be some smarter solution.

Carbide Create does V-carving and will do no offset contour which will work on some fonts.

Inkscape has support for single line fonts

and there’s F-engrave.

Commercial options include Vectric and — see

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I use V Carve Desktop, it is not the least expensive program, but is featured packed. I use it on my SO3, should work on your Nomad just fine.

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f-engrave. The real problem there is just a lack of fonts. That said, “drawing every letter” I don’t understand…Fusion has a text tool that works just fine, and takes 30 seconds to drop text wherever you want.

F-Engrave will use any OpenType or TrueType font which you make available to it — and if you can’t find one which suits your need, just make a custom one — I did that for the locking register calipers I made a while back:

I have yet to get regular opentype/truetype fonts working well. The only ones that seem to work for me (which is probably something I’m doing…not the tool) are the single stroke fonts.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive for the interface ― let us know the specifics of your difficulty and we’ll try to help sort it out.

I haven’t used it extensively, but you should be able to use text in fusion 360 then the engrave cam path.

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