Best free software like easel?

Hello I’m new to the cnc world. Does any one have any suggestions on what software to use? I found easel but it looks like it’s not compatible with my xl. I started using carbide create but I would like tabs on some of my projects.

Easel can be used — as I understand it, one has to be careful of it resetting Grbl settings to those for an X-carve (the big issue is the # of steps for the Z-axis), and one has to save the G-code out of a project and send that by hand if the communication / control integration doesn’t work.

MakerCAM has supports as a feature, and it’s pretty straight-forward to manually add tabs in Carbide Create.

List of the various free / opensource software options at:

I use easel all the time for my shapeoko 3 xxl. Once you have it designed, you can export the gcode and send it to your shapeoko through carbide motion.

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