Best place to buy cutters in Europe (Denmark)

Yes :slight_smile:

“Fraise” is French for both strawberry and “that sharp piece of metal you spin at several thousand RPM while moving it through material on a mill/CNC”. Language is weird right ?

Trim router ? That’s called a “fraiseuse” here.


Oh that is excellent, idiosyncrasies of evolved languages…

Well “fraise” pronounced in French sounds exactly like “phrase” pronounced in English, so that can’t be a coincidence.

When I did a quick check it went back to the Latin.

fresus “to gnash, crush, grind”
Vulgar Latin: fresare “ground bean”
Middle French: fraiser “to unwrap, shell (as in bean)”

Phrase however comes from the Latin phrasis which is from Greek, phrazein to point out, explain, tell.

For folks interested in this sort of thing I recommend The Horse, the Wheel, and Language which looks into linguistic archaeology.


I’m in Denmark as well, and purchased a set of precision collets from Elaire with no problems in the summer. They arrived in 3 weeks time. I found some Makita collets locally for 8mm and 1/4", but the Elaire collets seem to be much higher quality.


@Julien Thanks for the advice. This is what I’ll order for now:

Let’s see how far that’ll get me :slightly_smiling_face:.



With (at least) four of us ordering stuff there, we should try and see if we can get him to create a #C3DCOMMUNITYFORUM discount code for us :wink:


Haha… definitely. Let me know if you get around to it :slightly_smiling_face:.

I sent him an email tonight, we’ll see.

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That would be interesting. Just ordered a bunch of endmills there, similar to Holgers order.

I’d suggest having a look to see what social media channels (if any) they are using to promote the brand. If they’re actively doing the whole digital marketing thing then showing them a community of users there may get some interest.


So, my package from CNCFraises arrived today. I’m pretty impressed. It came with usage notes for several of the endmills - my bad highschool french isn’t quite sufficient to extract all the info there, but it’s nice to include. It also included a free endmill, a FCCD250 in my case.
And as a final nice little touch, it even included a piece of candy.
I expect that I’ll place more orders there in the future.


I just had the same experience as @madsb. I got a free endmill as well.

I wrote Cristoph to ask a few questions as well and got a quick and elaborate answer. The v-carve endmills he has photos of aren’t the same as the ones he’s selling. His v-carve endmills are much like the ones from Carbide. He’s also working on some new compression endmills for wood, which should be out soon.

I can only recommend CNCFraises. I’m looking forward to hearing if @Julien manages to get a discount through :slightly_smiling_face:.


The speeds and feeds should be readable at least:

  • Vitesse de coupe: Surface speed, m/min
  • Diamètre de coupe de l’outil: Cutting diameter, mm
  • Avance par dent: Feed per tooth, mm/tooth

The symbols he uses seem to be the same everywhere as well:

  • Vc: surface speed
  • fz: feed per tooth
  • vf: feed rate
  • n: RPM
  • d: cutting diameter
  • Z: number of teeth

I can’t make sense of everything but this at least I figured out :slight_smile:


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