Best way in Fusion 360 to make 3D Geometric Shapes?

Trying to recreate something similar but i’m having trouble…

I’m trying to approach this by drawing 2D Sketches of two different geometric shapes like this:

Then I’m extruding the facets created by the two shapes like this:

But as you see that it just creates a uniform angle / facet along the edge vs. the different angles created in the examples… I’m thinking there is an easy button here and I just don’t understand fusion well enough yet.

Thanks for the help.

I love these threads.
Might not be an elegant, but I whipped this up.
File coming as soon as it syncs…

Basically just uses a bunch of “random” chamfers. Fast and easy.


Here’s one I did a while ago that would have a different application/look & technique.

Uses a bunch of “random” lofts.
(ignore any toolpaths on this…never did anything with it)


Of course the loft and chamfer buttons! Knew it would be easy, thanks a mil.

Actually, the sculpt workspace is perfect for this. One benefit of using that workspace is that it’s very easy to make adjustments later.

  1. Create your bottom face
  2. Create your top face, and move it up to where you want it
  3. Create each facet as a new face, snapping to the vertices on the top and bottom faces.
  4. You can split faces as needed for additional facets.
  5. Once you have everything connected, it will turn in to a round lump.
  6. To get sharp edges, you will need to add creases at each edge.

Let me know if you need more details.



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