Best way to secure aluminum sheet

What is the best way to secure a 1/8” aluminum sheet so I can cut out circles.

Superglue and tape, blue tape if cutting dry, powdercoating tape if going mist


Tape and CA. 20 characters


Thanks. I have tape and superglue. Does the tape get caught in bit

Yes it will. I like to leave a about 0.002" of material left so I don’t cut through and gum up my cutters. The adhesive can also leave a poor surface finish on the sides of your cuts.

Thanks. How hard is it to remove the rest of the material.

It’s just tape to the material, tape to your waste board, and super glue between the two.

Another alternative, is to just superglue to another piece of aluminum, and when done cutting, use a propane torch, or stove top to release the super glue.


It will depend on how much tape and glue you use. I would generally say that it will take you a few minutes to get everything off and clean it up. It is really dependent on what you are cutting.

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If you have not used painters tape and glue there is a fine line between too much glue and not enough. I tend to error on the side of less is better. If you lay out a big fat line of glue it will spread when pressed flat. The painters tape will have small gaps between rows of tape where the expanding glue can contact the spoilboard or the back of your project. This causes cleanup problems.

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