Best Windows tablet

In your opinion what is the best windows tablet to hook to your machine and Just have it set up specifically for that machine, I currently use a laptop.

A sealed / fanless unit is preferable, albeit at a performance hit.

Community list at:

I use a Samsung Galaxy Book 12, and USB C – B cable.

I bought this from Best Buy and it has been working well for several years now.

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I use a kangaroo PC and use VNC to talk to it.

I also use a laptop, but I took it apart and put fine mesh filters on all the air intakes, and then added stick on fine mesh filters to the outside of those same inlets. After 6 months in a dusty shop I took it apart to clean it and the cooling system was as clean as the day I bought it. I occasionally wipe the dust of the outside filters.

Something similar to this on the inside

Something similar to this on the outside, but no magnets, just adhesive


I use an old version of this:!&tab=features
With a full size 24" monitor, I could just never get used to windows on a tiny tablet display. I paid $99 for it brand new with wireless mouse and keyboard. Runs CM just fine as well as CC and VCarve Desktop, albeit not as quickly as my desktop.

Mounted the monitor to my bench on an arm and another below for my SuperPID controller:

Ironically I’ve just started using a small Android tablet for drawing (haven’t gotten dialed in yet) and the screen size doesn’t bother me, go figure :crazy_face:



Dell makes a touch monitor that I use like this. I had an opportunity at a deep discount, and picked it up cheap. It’s -really nice- and “just works” (for some reason the online catalog page shows a picture of it with an integrated stand flat on the table…it doesn’t do that…the upright stand comes with it, and it mounts on an arm just fine) . When attached, windows starts up in “table mode” so you can do onscreen keyboards, and it does one-app-at-a-time, but it’s easy to switch modes. I find myself using a sealed keyboard and “regular mode”. Touch on all the sender apps is generally great.


Love my Surface pro…

Define “best?”

I bought a WinBook TW700 open box tablet from MicroCenter (almost) 3 years ago for $40, and it has been rock solid…never a problem…except I purchased the 8gb (ram) model…so I have to keep everything on the SD card (that’s not really a problem). I do use an external (24") monitor and wireless keyboard to assist.

FY: It runs 8 hr a day nearly everyday…for 3 years… (Meaning I am not what you call a “light user.”


Which surface pro do you have? 3?

4 - I5 - 256 SSD. Good luck!

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