Beta 644 Copy and Simulation

I’m not a person who gets the ins and outs of software, but since this machine is marketed toward noobs to the CNC world (like me), I will go ahead and ask my questions I’ve encountered after trying 644.

  1. Is there a new way to copy objects? (Answered my own question… Ctrl C used to automatically paste it in. Now Ctrl V pastes after copying. Makes sense.) I love the array tool and used it to create a shots flight - a board to carry out multiple shot glasses (for a friend, of course). However, I couldn’t just copy the first set of 3 circles for pocketing. When I created a second set, I forgot to scale my circles to match the first set and ruined the project piece. If I could have copied it, problem solved.

  2. I think I’d have noticed the size difference in the simulation if the simulation had rendered. Instead, I get a blank screen. (Thanks to Will Adams, I found the fix for this, too. For those of you out there who are kinda like me, here’s the solution: Update your video drivers. Here’s how on a PC:

Use these steps to manually update your video driver:

1. From the Windows taskbar, use the search box to type in Device Manager and select it
2. Choose from the list of categories to find your device, which are listed in alphabetical order by device type. …
3. Right-click on this device, and select Update Driver
4. When prompted, choose Search automatically for updated driver software
5. Your update should occur automatically.

I really, really don’t know enough about all of this stuff to be playing around with new versions, but I’m an adventurer. Any help is appreciated… and thank you for your kind patience.

On some computers 3D simulation hasn’t been working (on a few the program won’t finish loading) — usually this is addressed by updating the video card and OpenGL drivers.

Please let us know how that works out, either here or at

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