Better limit switches

I’ve had 2 limit switches on the z axis fail, one was bad from the factory, the second failed after about 6 projects. I get a limit switch hit error and the z switch reads closed on the ohm meter. After replacing the first one, all went well for a couple of weeks, then same problem. I was just getting used to the homing benefits.
Is there a better switch available?

This is what I use and they work flawlessly.


Thank you Stacy, Carbide 3d support has been great, but I am always looking for improvements. I will look into Kevin’s modification.

Micro Switched are meant to last for hundred of thousands of cycles, some millions. If you have had 2 fail, I would be looking to make sure that the placement is correct, making sure that the frame properly, and contacts the switch 100%.

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I would check the placement and ensure they are installed correctly. I used Hall effect sensors before limit switch kits were offered.

During nearly two years of use, I have only had one of 5 fail, I suspect a static discharge was the cause.

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Carbide 3d is sending me another new switch and some new x plate standoffs. I will check the contact with the frame when I do the new parts install. Thanks for the suggestions and information. If I find the problem, I will post it here.