Big Things Arriving Monday

We have something new coming. Where do you sign up for the launch event? You don’t. That’s pompous and we’re not Apple. Plus, we have work to do. Look for a blog post on Monday.


Hmm, It looks like there is a Pro4 XXL is in the picture for scale purposes, And it has ball screws,

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Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to upgrade my SO Pro XXL bought in March of this year rather than replace a whole machine.

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Very doubtful, from what I can see.

I’m voting for HDM’s big brother… Question is will it ship to Canada :slight_smile: ?

I brightened the image up a bit, looks interesting for sure. I’m hoping it can fit a 4’ wide sheet across it.


Oh no… the machines are replicating themselves… this is how Skynet happens, people!



I see rack and pinion on the x axis?

I think your seeing just part of the ballscrew thread and the linear rail above it. See HDM gantry pictures, pretty sure its the same build as that

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I hoping this is an upgrade!

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Looks like it might be, but all parts will need to be swapped out.