Bit Change Coordinates

Can I change the X/Y of where CM sends the router for a bit change? It goes to dead center and overhangs the front of my machine. I’d rather it not overhang so if the bit drops while changing it, it doesn’t fall to my garage’s concrete floor. I’d rather have it back over my wasteboard just in case. Not sure if this is possible or not.

Currently this is unfortunately not possible .
(It was reported before, and may have been put in the list of things for the CM developers to consider)

As a workaround, some folks use a padded tray attached to the front of the machine at that location.

C’mon man! What are those developers thinking??? :grin: Have they not dropped a bit to the floor? I can tell the machine where the bitsetter is but I cannot tell it where to do a bit change?? C’mon man! lol!

Do my developers need to contact your developers to work something out? We can send some C++, Python, Java, .Net, JavaScript and maybe even a little PERL their way. Though, don’t ask for COBOL. :rofl:

I will note that if folks want a more customizable communication/control program there are a number of opensource offerings which would be glad of the assistance.

What would you suggest?

I don’t know what Will would suggest but in addition to CM I use CNCjs, and have created a number of macros for things like this.

I was involved in the early development of bCNC and have a fondness for Python, so that would be my choice.

The other options:

  • for folks who like Java — Universal G-Code Sender
  • for folks who are cool enough for JavaScript — CNCjs

List of the other options at:

I’ll give CNCjs a look. I have an amazing Javascript developer that works for me so if I run into any issues, I’ll lean on him.

Thanks guys!

I built a torsion box for my XXL. I made it long enough so I have about 8 inches on the front of the Shapeoko. I went to a discount store and they had some plastic boxes similar to a dinner knife box for a kitchen drawer. Plus it had a soft rubber bottom. I have that below my router so if a bit falls it hits the bottom of the box and not the floor. Maybe you could get something similar and screw it on the front of your bench to catch your bits. For me it is a handy place for my bit containers, pencil, router wrench when the machine is in use.

I like that idea Guy. I may do something similar. Thanks!

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