Bit change location

I have seen some older posts on this but nothing new. Is it possible to change the bit changing location? It seems like before I installed my new bitrunner the location was in the center of the machine which was fine. Now the location is very far off to the right about a quarter of the way in. Any help would be great.

The old position was the front middle. Several reversions back they changed it to the front but closer to the BitSetter to save time when changing bits. The position is hard coded in CM and cannot be changed. The only option is to go back to a previous version if you like the center front position for tool changes. A variable location is not an option currently.


Thanks Guy. That’s unfortunate

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Works a lot better for me :slight_smile:
I know there was a bunch of talk on this awhile back, I assume they did this based on the feedback at the time. It does shorten the time being next to the bit setter and it reduce the chance of dropping the bit on the T-track for me :slight_smile:

The big impetus for this was the SO5 Pro 4x2 and 4x4 — when tiling, only six foot+ folks such as @KevBarn14 were able to reach the tool change location when it was at the center, and even for them it was a bit of a reach.

It is not configurable in current versions — we’ll see what future versions yield.

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It would be great if that was a toggle option. I can see where it would be tough with tiling with the tool change in the middle. My setup gets really tight on the right side next to the bit setter which made the center change much easier. It would be nice if you could choose between the two depending on the job or preference with a setting that could be sent to the board.


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