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I made a simple sign using a 60° V-Bit for both the text and a border.

The text was a V-Carve tool path
The border was a Contour tool path

I have a BitSetter and was surprised when the job stopped after cutting out the text and presented me with the change bit screen. I simply pressed resume and it measured the bit again and continued.

Was this because I changed the tool path from V-Carve to Contour?

Thanks, Bill

Would you please post the .c2d file?


Attached is the .c2d file that is displays a blank screen with only the tool and tool path data at the bottom.

Tape Dispenser-2 Inside Pieces.c2d (101.3 KB)

I will also repost to

Thanks, Bill


Wrong file. This was to a response regarding a message left about posting to Hope to hear from you on that issue.

In the meantime here is the project file for the sign and border question.

Larry Roth Sign -4.c2d (2.3 MB)


Can you verify the tool numbers for the same bit are the same? The only reason CM “should” ask for a tool change is if the tool numbers are different.


Tool # is the same for both tool paths. #302


In addition to the above make sure you:

Have the BitSetter enabled in CM and it’s position set.

That you’re using the Shapeoko post processor in CC and not the generic grbl post processor.

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BitSetter is enabled in CM - position set correctly.

Shapeoko post processor in CC is selected.

I’ve used this for an Advanced V-Carve project and it worked.


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