Bit is dragging across project

Let me start off with I have had my Shapeoko machine for over 1 year and I use Carbide Create.
When I try to run one specific design, the bit is dragging across the project when going to the first tool path. I select run and the program goes to where I can select my bit. The machine typically will rise up at this point and when I select continue it will move to the first tool path to cut. With this design it will not rise up and instead drags across the project.
I have tried re-programming the design twice with no luck. I loaded a different design in the machine and it cuts perfectly.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.Design File

Can you share some more details?
What’s your retract height?
How thick is your stock?
How are you setting your Z-zero?
Possibly share your c2d file or the gcode.

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Retract height 10mm
Stock is 1/4 inch plywood
Z-zero is at top of stock
Stepover is 1.00

Design file link -

Last week, I had the same thing happen to me. The default safe height in Carbon Create had reset to 0.0mm, my default had always been 10mm and I never changed it. I had no reply to my post.

The retract height control in Carbide Create will change if it has focus and the scroll wheel is moved.

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