Bit length too short

I am doing detail work with a 1/16 end mill which has a cut depth of 3/16th inch. Ideally, I would need to go to 5/8th depth but can’t find a bit or process that would enable this. I can’t increase the dimensions to accommodate a larger bit.
Any ideas?

A similar question came up and I answered here.

TL;DR long, small-diameter endmills exist but there may be other ways to achieve the results you’re after without them.

Another option for your particular case, assuming your endmill has a shoulder, might be to taper your geometry so you can cut past the endmill’s cutting depth without rubbing.

Perfect solution, will look into it, THANKS!

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Use Tapered end mills. A 3.5º (taper) cutter is about 100 times stronger and is what we (experienced machinist) use most of the time. If we NEED to use a 5/8 long 1/16 end mill it is done is many many steps 3/16 long then 5/16, 7/16, etc… NEVER 5a/8" long cutter at the start. Hope this helps.


Hmm, I thought this would preclude this…

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