Bit Runner, broken?

So today I was surfacing several boards and my router did a plunge and immediately bogged down and shutoff. I thought I blew the router motor or brushes went really bad so I replaced the brushes (which seemed to be normal wear) and plugged the router in by itself. All was well. I plugged everything back in the way it was, opened up Carbide Motion to manually turn on the router… I heard an audible click, but nothing else. I attempted to try a program again, same result. I checked all the wiring, nothing loose.

My conclusion was that the Bit Runner blew something, anyone had this problem before? Sending the same info to C3D to see what they say. I took the BR off and uninstalled it and just went back to manually turning the router on for now.

I believe there is a fuse for the bit runner.


That’s probably it! Just ordered a fuse and I’ll report back. Thank you.

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