Bit runner controling both spindle and shop vac

Lately ive been using a shop vac for dust control over my regular collection system. The ship vac has more suction and easily pulls most cuttings that remain. So here is my question.
Has anyone eunning bitrunner on their shapeoko also used it to control a shop vac as well? Can the device handle the starrt up load of both the vacuum and spindle simultaneously?

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Yes, folks have done this.

Usually, either using a vacuum which has a plug for powering a tool which then controls vacuum on/off when it comes on — I do this w/ my Festool CT Midi plugged into a dedicated 20 amp outlet, or using a divide to delay on/off such as:


Didnt think of a device like that. I was thinking more along the lines of a power strip

How exactly do you have the system wired. Im playing it over in my head and im not sure how it would work. If you could provide a few pictures that would be extremely helpful

The simple version is:

  • Carbide Compact Router plugged into BitRunner
  • BitRunner plugged into outlet on Festool CT Midi
  • Festool CT Midi plugged into wall
  • switch on Festool CT Midi set to “Auto” (I have an older unit, pre-Bluetooth)

It also works for my Mafell FM 1000 WS and its 110–220V step-up transformer.

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The BitRunner only has so much capacity. There is an internal fuse in the v2 (maybe v1 too) so when the maximum current is achieved the fuse blows and you are dead in the water. So use a vacuum switch like this (or similar).

Using the switch plugged to a different outlet and the BitRunner plugged into the tool port it will turn on your vac without pulling current from the BitRunner.


I’ve been using one similar to this for my shop vac for a couple of years and have been 100% satisfied.

How do those automatic switches work when you just want to turn on the vacuum by itself? I sometimes use the vac to clean up the worksurface, my keyboard, etc. I also use my CNC vac (which is an Oneida Cobra - with a second hose - to provide suction for my smaller diameter tools. So, I usually want to turn it on independently from the CNC.

To solve this easily and cheaply, I hooked up this inexpensive (Home Depot) remote switch to the vac. I just keep the transmitter on the CNC table - (or carry it to where I’m using a small diameter tool). The switch is a very inexpensive solution.

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That’s probably your best bet – with an auto switch, you would have to unplug your cnc/router/spindle from the “tool” socket and plug the vacuum into that instead of “vac.”

I use the iVac switch with remote and their Tool Plus. The tool plus senses the power from the line to the router and then triggers the switch. If you want to turn it on without the spindle running then just hit the button on the remote.

I have a large dust collector being controlled. That setup may cost more than your shop vac unless you have a Festool :smile:

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