Bit setter and bitnrunner question

Bitsetter question:

Is the bitsetter supposed to call on the router immediately after the machine initializes and homes itself every single time?

Bitrunner question:

The light on the bitrunner doesn’t light up in the on or auto position. Checked the connection and it’s good. Configured it under settings. Could it be a lemon out of the box?

Both the bitsetter and bitrunner are brand new. bought them a few months ago but just got the time to get back in the little shop and install everything.

This community is awesome. Thanks guys

I can’t speak on the BitRunner, but yes, the BitSetter operation is prompted each time the machine initializes and homes.

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Yes, if it’s not disabled, the BitSetter measures each time the machine gains control.

Yes, the BitRunner should light up when things should be powered up — write in to and we’ll get this sorted out.

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Since your BitRunner is new it is most likely a cable issue. If I remove my controller cover you must remove the BitRunner cable and every time I remove it I have cable issues with it. I push all the wires in on both ends in to make sure I get a good connection. If the BitRunner has power you should get a red light in Auto and in the On position if your router is turned on, make sure your router is in the on position, it should get the router to start up. You can also turn the router on in CM, forget which screen, but there is a router on and hit it again to get the router to go off. With no light and the BitRunner is getting power from the controller it is most likely a cabling problem.

unplugged cable from both control box and bitrunner. reconnected and made sure connection is good. unplugged and replugged power cord. No light when in auto

Do you mean no light when in auto even though you toggled the spindle control ?
In Auto the LED should be off by default, it will only turn on when running G-code, or if activated manually from CM.
In “On” position though, the LED should be on all the time.

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i’m sorry. i meant the on position. No light when in the on position

What Will said then, support will take care of this for you

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ok thank you. I sent an email in regards last night

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Let’s hope this design flaw (sorry) will be fixed in v2!