Bit setter error in lower temperatures

I have a Pro XXL and from the first time I set it up in my basement shop I discovered that when I go to initialize it and it goes to probe the bit it errored out. Carbide and I first thought it was defective cable but before I replaced it I discovered that due to the cooler basement temperatures the sensor would error and go red and fault out. If I held my thumb on the sensor for several minutes it would warm up the sensor and the red error light would go out and the probe would then work.
I have moved my CNC machine into a cargo trailer and have it with me at my cabin and of course the same issue has followed since the temperatures are lower in the mountains. Today it was slightly cooler and even after over ten minutes of trying to warm the sensor it would not stop erroring.
Has anyone else had issues with their sensor being sensitive to lower temperatures? I would think the lowest it could possibly be is in the low to mid 60’s.

I keep mine in a basement and have never had this problem, but there is a dehumidifier nearby which runs pretty much constantly.

Normally the electronics have a much wider operating range than human comfort affords — I suspect that there’s something wrong with the switch in your BitSetter — let us know at and we’ll swap it out.

Last winter was very cold and people were having problems with the lubricants freezing in unheated shop spaces. That is not likely your problem and support will help you but maybe some teflon spray lube would help. The teflon lube is not oily and wont collect dust. As you noticed the cooler weather is the problem and perhaps your plunger is at the maximum diameter and sticks due to the cooler temperatures.

Can confirm, once I hit around 20f my tool setter starts to get sticky.