Bit setter, sequence on jobs

When I set up my bit setter’s location and actually start using it, do I set my zero first and then run to bit setter?

The way it will work is it will first measure the tool as part of initialization right after homing, then you will set zero, and each time there is a tool change thereafter, or control has been yielded to the user, it will remeasure.

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When you initialize you are prompted to put a tool in and then the Shapeoko goes to the BitSetter measures the bit and then returns to the front. What the BitSetter is measuring is the difference from the current tool and the last set Z Zero. The Zero for X Y and Z are persistent over power cycles so the Shapeoko remembers the last time the Zero was set for all 3 axis. Now if you manually change the bit during the time the power is shut down the Shapeoko does not know you changed the bit and assumes the same bit is installed as the last Zero was set. If the bit is changed while powered down then the BitSetter will set an offset from the last Zero and the depth of the actual bit installed.

So when you get ready to run a job you:

  1. Power On the Shapeoko and initialize
  2. Install a tool or leave the same tool in when prompted.
  3. After the router moves to the BitSetter and returns to the front position Use the Tool Change to put the tool in for the job you are about to run. The Shapeoko will move the new tool over to the BitSetter and return to the front.
  4. Now you should jog to your project X Y and Z zero and set zero either manually or with the BitZero.
  5. Load your new job and start job and you will be prompted to insert the first tool in your job. The router will move to the BitSetter and measure the tool relative to the step 4 where you set zero for Z.
  6. The job will run and if additional tools are required you will be prompted to insert the second and subsequent tools and the bit will be measured by the BitSetter and set zero relative to Step 4 Z Zero.

To keep the Z zero synchronized always use the change tool procedure from the Run screen.

Remember that if your previous job had a 1/4 inch tall project and you set the zero on top of the 1/4 inch material then the Z Zero is 1/4 inch from the spoil board. If the next job is 3/4 inch above the spoil board the zero in the Shapeoko memory is 1/4 inch from the spoil board and if you do not reset the Z Zero then start a job the bit will bore through your 3/4 inch material and start cutting the job at 1/4 inch and will most likely ruin your piece and maybe snap off the bit when it starts to try and cut the job.

If you are batch cutting the same job over and over with the same thickness material then you do not need to reset the Zero’s and just cut the same job over and over as long as your material is all the same dimensions for the multiple pieces.


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