Bit Setter Setup Instructions don't match machine display

Went to run project using bit setter and probe. After probing and starting the project the router bit did not even touch the work piece. I see a new version of bit setter is available, so I download and install it. Half way through the setup procedure I find that the setup instruction on the internet do not match what is displayed on the bit setter setup screen. Can someone tell me where to find the instructions that actually match my machine? Thanks in advance.

You did not say what kind of machine you have so here are the generic instructions.

The short set up is as follows for BitSetter:
Do this procedure after you physically mount the BitSetter and attach it to the controller. On Shapeoko 3 there is a connector board for BitSetter and BitZero. On the Pro Models I think t hey have a dedicated connection for the BitSetter.

  1. Power on your machine and DO NOT INITIALIZE.
  2. Connect but do not initialize.
  3. Go to Settings and choose your machine type and Z carriage, Z Belt, Z-Plus, HDZ.
  4. Go to the second tab of the configuration box and UNCHECK the BitSetter. You can check Automatic Router if you want.
  5. Go back to the first tab and “Send Configuration”. A dialog box pops and a fuel bar shows progress.
  6. After configuration is send Initialize.
  7. After Initialization is through bring your router to the front right corner. Be sure a bit is installed in your router.
  8. Jog your router bit over the BitSetter and center X and Y directions with the bit close in the Z direction.
  9. Leaving the router in position go to the Jog Menu and select the Set Zero button.
  10. Use the Clear All Offsets button.
  11. Go back to the Settings and select your configuration for machine and Z type.
  12. Go to the second tab of the configuration check the BitSetter and select use current position, and the BitRunner if you have one.
  13. Go back to the first tab and Send Configuration. After sending initialize.

The BitSetter has been checked and its home position has been set. Upon initialization the router come to the front center position and prompt for a tool, any tool. The Resume button will be pushed and the bit will go over to the BitSetter and be measured. The measurement is not a physical measure but a comparison of the tool in the router to the last time a Z was set to Zero.

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My machine is an XXL and these appear to be instructions on how to put the unit on the CNC machine. My problem is after all this, after installing the software. Afterward the machine itself needs to be configured to set it so that the router bit always stops above bit setter in order to set length of tool. It looks like the software has been updated, but the instructions on the internet have not. In the configuration mode the display looks noting like it used to and it certainly does not match what is shown on the internet.

These instructions will work with CM 536. If you are using an earlier version of CM I would recommend you update.

After looking closer at what you sent I have to apologize. It may be that what you sent is what I need. Am not at my machine at the moment, but intend to try with your instructions again shortly. Thanks.

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