Bit Setter sold out

So I’ve seen videos and heard many good things about Bit Setter but…
I’ve been checking to buy it but its always sold out and it’s been sold out for quite some time now. Anyone know when the next release will be?

They do batches and are improving, but a batch can sell out in a day. If you hut the “email me” button it actually works, but keep in mind only until it sells out again, in which case you have to hit it again.

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Thank you. I clicked the email me button for a while now lol. But i guess will have to wait then race to buy one when they become available

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Been waiting for the bitrunner to return for a long time. I hear there is a V2 on the way, hope its worth the wait.


Whats the difference between bit runner and bit setter?

BitRunner, is used to turn on/off the router.

BitSetter is used for jobs where multiple tools are utilized.

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Thats nutss 🥲. I got an email saying bit setter is available at 12:36PM. I didn’t see the email till 5:20pm. I clicked buy it now and it was already sold out😢

Make sure you sign back up for email notifications for the next batch.


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I just got an email again saying its back. Not even 10 mins i checked it out but its sold out!? Is there a glitch in the system?

A lot of people on the list…?

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