Bit Setter stopped working

I have the Shapeoko 4xxl with the bitsetter V2, for about six months. Never had a problem with the bitsetter before until last night. The machine initializes Z X y and then it went to the bitsetter but the red light never came on and of course the Z tried to keep going. Hit the stop button, checked wire connections then initiated again and same bitsetter misshap. Is there anything else I can try to look at or do before I call support?

Stop initializing. With t he power on t he Shapeoko push the BitSetter button down and it should turn red. If it does not go into configuration under settings and uncheck the BitSetter until you figure out what is wrong. Repeated initialization and the router trying to drill through the BitSetter is not good.

You can still use your machine but multiple tool jobs are out for a little while until you figure this out. You can as you said contact support. However you could open the BitSetter up if it is out of warranty to see if there is anything obvious like a loose wire or maybe a bug or spider crawled inside and made a mess.

If you have a multimeter with the BitSetter apart you could check continuity from one end of the wiring to the other end.

Any troubleshooting you do be sure to unplug your Shapeoko before starting any service.

If you BitSetter is in warranty do not take it apart and let support handle it.

I had a issue with my bitsetter a while back. My issue was the little nut that screws into the bottom of the touch probe fell off. To check to see if thats your issue, you can open up the bitsetter just becareful when trying to uncrew those little screws, mine were in really tight and i ended stripping most of them.

I just checked continuity of the bitsetter. None between black red or green. Checked both pressed down and open position nothing. Also checked wire from bitsetter to control board it’s good. It looks like a new bitsetter sensor is the answer. Thank you to all who responded, I like hearing different perspectives and experiences.

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