Bit setter will not set up

I need some help,just setting up the S3 and have the bit zero working OK.Today I set about setting up the bit setter and can not get it to set and get a a failed probe error,it would move down snout 50 mm max towards the bit setter and stop with the error message.I now go and run with the bit zero and now get a probe error message as well.I have gone into all the settings many times to try and find something but can not see anything apparent but I do not have the experience to know where the error is.Justchecked again and should the red light be on in the bit setter as per photo.Any help would really be appreciated.

The button is stuck down and the BitSetter is stuck as an active input.

If pressing on it won’t release it, contact

Will that was quick,it is solid now my guess is this will restrict the bit zero??I have spent all afternoon on this one.I will contact them

Just went and tried to move it ,with a lot of force I could push it down but it is solid.That had to be the issue

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