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I am using a Shapeoko pro XXL to try and cut a piece of brass in order to make a branding iron. Can anyone suggest a good bit to use for small details cutting into brass? I have seen Winston Moy use Shapeoko to cut metal. I hope to follow suit but want to use the correct bit. Thanks all!
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Pretty much any carbide tool we sell will cut metal — see:

(the exceptions would be the various tools w/ inserts such as the McFly surfacing tool)


for some videos w/ various suggestions.

I used a #112 to cut out a small brass insignia a while back.

Wow, thanks! Super helpful! I do appreciate the reply and source videos.

I’ve just made a small (from 19mm dia stock) branding stamp for a friend’s leather work, and used a 1/8" 2-flute for the roughing and a 1/16th 2-flute Ball Nose for the fine details. Speeds and feeds were kept low, out of caution rather than specific knowledge, and ramps to reduce engagement stresses. Ball Nose 1/16th 2-flute run at 22k rpm and 350 mm/min feed, 0.2mm width of cut and 0.33mm depth per pass (acknowledge wider than deeper is common S3XL advice, but these are tiny steps, so protecting the tool was more my concern than rigidity or MRR). This recipe gives a chip load of approx 0.01mm according to the simplified FS worksheet (obtained from this forum).
Air blast to cool the cutter and clear any debris from the deep cuts. No cutting fluid used.

Short clip of the cut in progress (1/16th BN) Brass Stamp cutting on ShapeOKO 3 - YouTube

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Thanks Andy! hats very helpful. Did you use air assist? Unfortunately I don’t have that set up. How much does it help if you did use it?

The air blast likely cools the tool but to what degree I am unsure, but more important is that it removes chips from slots etc and removes any risk of re-cutting. In wood, especially slotting, this helps a lot. I have a small air brush compressor and a hose run up through the wiring channels and attached to the HDZ, and got a set of ‘needle like’ nozzles that screw onto the Flexi hose to optimise flow/pressure. I think @Julien has a similar setup and spoke highly of it.


Indeed, here’s a very long thread about all things “air blast”.
I would probably have purchased one of the fancy California Air Tools quiet compressor if they were easy to get in Europe, but the cheap Amazon air brush compressor does a decent job and I’m still using that.

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I wrote up this as well if it helps

let me know if you have any questions

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