Bit Zero and Bit setter Work flow

Just a Question?
When using bit zero and bit setter together on a Shapeoko xxl is this the correct work flow.
Connect to CNC, initialize CNC
Load program
Set zero with bit zero
Run Job
CNC checks bit length with bit setter
And then begins the carve.
Hope this makes sense, thanks for your help



You’ve pretty much summed up the essence.

Still, even though the BitZero and BitSetter flow is pretty simple it does tend to trip people up every so often.

The key point is that the system maintains its state from the time you turn it on to the time you turn it off, and you must not do anything during that time it is unaware of.

This practically means that you can’t ever change the tool in the router unless the software is prompting you to do that.


Thank you for helping me out.

The bitzero sets the zero. The BitSetter does not set zero it only compares the current bit to the last time zero was set for z. As Gerry said only change bits when prompted or in the software interface there is a change tool button. If using BitSetter never jog the z up and change bit without prompt or the calibration between zero settings are lost and requires a zeroing procedure to sync the two up again.


Thanks for the advise