Bit zero completes probe n then stops

Bit zero completes probe but fails to return to to setter
I don’t get any errors. Worked last time used.

Can you explain in more detail?

The Bit Zero should check your X,Y,Z or Just your Z.
Once it cycles through it should then hover just above the bit Zero and stay there.

If should only go to the Bit Setter upon a tool change and for initialization.

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Thanks. Yes it hovers there. I might be forgetting next step. I thought after it probes it moves. I’m still learning and it has been several weeks since I was using it. It’s the the 4xxl

I have the S3Xl.
But I think that’s normal.

After you set your zero you can run the file.

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To be clear here is how a Shapeoko works.

  1. Power on and connect and initialize. The first thing that happens is the Z goes up and finds the homing switch. Then the router moves toward the right rear and homes X and Y axis. The X or Y home in the order in which they get to the right rear and that is dependent on where they were when starting initialization.
  2. The machine moves to back right corner and homes. Each axis hits the mechanical/proximity switch and then moved a few MM off that position. The point where the switch is triggered is set as the Zero position for that axis. This is refereed to as pull off.
    a. With BitSetter installed and checked in config the router moves forward and prompts for a bit. Then the bit is moved over to the BitSetter and moves down until the BitSetter is triggered, the bit rises and goes back down slowly for a second time slowly until triggered. Then the router returns to the front center and waits.
    b. If No BitSetter installed or BitSetter is unchecked in config after homing the router sits in the back right corner.
  3. After initialization is complete you can jog and set X Y and Z zero with BitZero in different combinations. When BitZero is done with probing the bit rises slightly and stops and waits.
  4. Normally you would load a job and start cutting. After starting a job the router will come to the front center and prompt for the first bit if a BitSetter is checked. If no BitSetter is installed the router rises up where it is and prompts for the first bit.
  5. When the job calls for additional bits the router returns to the front center and you are prompted for the new tool and then the router goes over to the BitSetter to probe the tool just as in step 2.
  6. The job completes and the router moves to the rear of the Shapeoko and waits.

If you pause during a job the router rises up and turns off or prompts you to turn it off. If you hit the stop button then the machines rises, stops or prompts to stop the router and then returns to the homing position at the right rear. There is a new emergency stop that cuts the power to the machine and stops everything exactly where it is and stops all motion.


Thanks. When I open motion I went ahead and loaded file. Then installed bit (or dummy bit ) jogged and started probe. Completed then stayed above bit zero. I pressed set zero. Press3d done. It just stayed there. No errors lit up. I must be having a brain fart. Got to be something simple thanks. I understand now when starting a post to explain every step so y’all know what I did or didn’t do. Thanks. Doing things around house now but will attempt again soon. Thanks

Thanks for reply. Thanks gdon think I’ll print that out for quick reference. Geeze as I assumed I over thinked lol what I was doing. Oh. Learned a hard lesson also leave power cord on laptop so battery won’t go dead 30 minutes before job finishes. Lol. I kill me. Peace out

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