Bit Zero not working

I bought a carbide bit zero several weeks ago, and having issues with it. When I touch any metal part on the machine with the bit zero the light comes on. But when I touch the bit zero to the bit probe nothing happens. Has anyone else have this issue?

Just to be clear – with the magnet attached to the router/spindle, touching the body of the BitZero to the bit/probe doesn’t light up? On the flip side, where are you attaching the magnet when the BZ lights up on “any metal part?”

You might double check the connection to the control board, too.

Oh – you didn’t mention what machine you have. That info will help others help you.

Good Luck.

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Yes the magnets was attached to the router/spindle. It’s just weird, I can get the light to come on with the bit zero on any metal on the CNC except when it touches router bit.

Hi Charlie,
Just to be certain, the magnet must be on the collet nut or bit. The rest of the router is double insulated and you won’t see the Bit Zero.


The green light on the BitZero should be on all the time and turn red when it is grounded.


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