Bit zero question

Why would I need a bit zero ? I have had my xxl pro five months and made many projects with and don’t even own a bit zero am I doing something wrong? Or should be doing something?

It’s a tool that allows you to probe for your work origin rather than use the paper method or eyeball.
You don’t need one, but they can be useful.


As @neilferreri notes, it allows setting zero automatically.

It’s most useful to folks who are using rectangular stock, and need better precision/repeatability than can be easily managed by hand.

Thank you for the info I’ll probably be getting one .

Once you properly integrate it into your work flow and how it functions with the BitSetter, it’s a time saver. The results may or may not be better than you get now depending on your methods. But I have them on my machines and love them. :slight_smile:

Consider them an aid rather than a necessity.

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Certainly optional as you have proven once you get one you will not want to be without it. The BitZero is like the HDZ, not necessary but invaluable if you have one. There are two versions, v1 and v2. The v2 is the one currently available. When you install it you have to tell CM which version you have and after that initial setup it is persistent over sessions.

Version 1

Version 2

The version 2 comes with a 1/4" rod that you use to set X Y and Z zeros. You can still use a bit but the rod has no flutes to get a slightly off reading.


Another great use when using V2. Lets say you have to put a finished piece back on the table to produce a custom engrave for a customer. How do you find the location and angle at which you are now sitting. I would line it by eye as best as I can and clamp it down. Now probe left front corner and record the values, now probe the front right corner and record the values. You now have enough information to calculate the angle at which the part sits on the table. Create your design, rotate the design to the calculated value, set your origin and go.

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