Bitrunner gcode

Hi - The bitrunner manual shows M3S10000 as the start spindle code format. I am using Carveco and when I view the code the format used is S100000 M3.

Can someone tell me whether the CM will recognize the Carveco formatting?


I’m not sure it matters. I will test it out for you using the MDI console, but according to one source:

A line may have:

  • Any number of G words, but two G words from the same modal group may not appear on the same line.
  • Zero to four M words, but two M words from the same modal group may not appear on the same line.
  • For all other legal letters, a line may have only one word beginning with that letter.

So the order shouldn’t matter. But… S100000 is not S10000 so that does matter:)

Typed out one too many zeros. Although with me using a compact router versus a spindle I don’t think the rpm # would mean anything would it? I just need to have at least the 10000 correct?

Thank you for testing I appreciate it!

You are correct about the minimum RPM of 1000 to make M3 work. The syntax is not important. Setting the speed before the M3 command should work. Is your router not starting with the Carveco? According to gcode manuals it should work. I am discovering that CM does not always comply with the way GBRL commands are predicted to work.

I have not installed the bitrunner yet. Just getting my ducks lined up and noticed the code difference.

I tried this in the MDI console just for absolute confirmation. S10000 M3 works just fine.

I have a VFD and spindle but the end result will be the same for a BitRunner.


Oh that’s awesome! Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it.

No problem at all. Hopefully CM will still load a file with the instructions this way around - that I didn’t check. But the Carbide controller firmware definitely likes the commands.

!0-4 much appreciated

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