BitRunner Install

I purchased the BitRunner Option 2. The instructions are not clear. The BitRunner came with a new pcb enclosure. It is not clear if the pcb goes inside the lower half of the new enclosure and then bolts to the large aluminum heat sink. The kit came with a heat sink about 1/2 inch wide by 3 inches which is not mentioned. The old pcb mounted directly to an existing heat sink the same size as the new one. So does the new bottom enclosure mount to the existing heat sink still attached to the original large aluminum heat sink?

Is the original large heat sink to be removed or the new enclosure installed over it? The new enclosure mounting holes line up with the original large heatsink mounting holes.

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My understanding is the old heat sink is now a redundant part — the extrusion itself functions as a heat sink. Hopefully @Jorge will be able to pop in with a real answer.

Well I pushed on through and it all works. I was a Field Support Engineer and Systems Support Engineer for many years so the soldering did not bother me.

I will re-read the instructions but I was pretty through going through them and Carbide3d makes some very nice products, has great customer service but is very lacking in documentation.

Because I have a lifetime of making, fixing and modifying things I just moved right along. For others that are not as handy or have as much experience these types of documentation problems can be a disaster.

I dont want to bang Carbide3d too hard because I overall am a happy customer but your documentation has got to be addressed. When I upgraded to HDZ the documentation was faulty as well. Missing parts are not inspiring confidence. I was missing screws in the HDZ and again missing some screws for the bitrunner.


One thing I already like about the BitRunner is when you pause the router shuts down. Without the BitRunner if you paused and then stopped the router continued to run as it went to park. You had to manually shut down the router.


In earlier post I said screws were missing. Got email this morning that c3d is shipping missing screws. It is the 6mm x 12 screws that hold the bit runner to Y axis rail.

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