Bitrunner V2 not powering on for job

I’ve had my machine for a few weeks. The Bitrunner has worked previously just fine. Yesterday I attempted to start a job and noticed the router didn’t start. Tried again this morning after double checking some settings, still not working.

I can hear it briefly power on when I connect my laptop to the machine so I know it’s capable of working.

Super frustrating. Any ideas here?

Two dumb questions:

  1. pendant is enabled (red ring)?
  2. router power switch is on?
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Not dumb, I appreciate the ask.

Red ring is on
Router is on
And the router briefly spins up when I “connect to machine” from my laptop.

Please send in photos showing how everything is wired up and connected to and we will do our best to assist.

I’ve already started a email with carbide support. I didn’t include pictures of wiring but I can send that. That said, it has worked previously (as recently as a week ago) and wiring hasn’t changed.

Plug a lamp into that socket on the Bitrunner and see if that stays on.

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Check for a loose/weak connection at the control board where the bit runner plugs in. Mine came un soldered and found it when I turned on the bitrunner not auto actual ON and router ON and wiggled the connector at the control board.

Latest Carbide Motion beta fixed it actually, with the added bonus of it making the “Spindle ON” button in the UI work for me now. It never did before! Thank you for the assist @Bee !

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I have the same issue with mine. It started back in the end of March. Carbide support had me send mine in for testing. Got a replacement back at the beginning of the month. I just got around to testing today after being sick for a while only to find that the issue still exists with the new Bitrunner. I did update Carbide Motion to build 582, resent the configuration file and even tried reflashing the controller firmware, But still nothing. The cables all look good and have continuity when testing with a meter. My controller has already been replaced for the same issue, the first time around. I’ve already sent an email to the support team for assistance.

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