Bits and where to purchase

What is 3 must have bits a newbie needs? Where is the best place to purchase?

3, ? hmm
Well, the supplied 1/4" flat is very useful
You will want a v-bit, so 90 degree
a 1/16th flat nose
and ( one of my favorites), a 1/16th ball nose, 22 degree taper so you can try 3Dā€¦
thing is, to flatten your spoilboard you could use the 1/4 inch flat but a 1"flattening" bit is so much faster.

I use inches and not metric. My most used bits are #201, #302, #102 and# 112. The #102 and #112 uses an 1/8 inch collet from

If you are a metric user maybe someone else can help.

I have bought from Carbide3d and am happy with their bits. I also have Whiteside and Frued bits that are quite excellent. Some people buy the cheap Chinese bits off Amazon and Ebay but they are not of the same quality of Whiteside, Frued and Carbide3d. But if you have a nasty job to do then the cheap bits come in handy. You get what you pay for.

If buying from Carbide 3D and doing a variety of things:

  • three 2-flute 1/4" square endmills (such as the #201 endmills from Carbide 3D ā€” one will be included with the machine, a pack of two will fill one out with: 1 for initial experimentation/roughing, 1 for finishing passes, and 1 spare. Downcut endmills such as the Carbide 3D #251 may be a good option for folks cutting wood.
  • two 2-flute 1/4" ball end endmills (such as the #202 endmills from Carbide 3D) ā€” if one wishes to do 3D modeling or cut parts which have rounded profiles along the bottom (often a good idea in woodworking for increased strength)
  • two 90 degree V-bits such as the #301 from Carbide 3D ā€” if one wishes to do V-carving or cut joints which use this angle