Bits for sale half price

I have no idea if they are any good, I’ve never tried anything from them. But has big sales on bits and they come with a 40 day guarantee.

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Maybe a typo?

my bad
They seem to have a lot of love on pinterest.

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You know you’re getting quality when they have on the specs:

Color: Silver




That is why I put the disclaimer first. After tomorrow, my XXL will be in a fully enclosed box with a layer of 3/4" MDF and a layer of 3/4" plywood with half an inch of insulation in between.

For everyone else buyer be ware. Getting bits that normally run $20 a piece for $2 is not without it’s risks.


I was sold on “blue coated” bits.

Mmmmmm… Blue.


They have corn cob bits - and claim they are “especially good for plywood”. Also suitable for “Copper, Aluminum, Jade, Redwood, Hardwood, Acrylic, Color Plates, PVC, MDF, PCB. etc”

I’m not sure why I have such a bit collection. Sounds like these are the only ones I need.

Seriously plywood? I would have thought that would end in fire.

Aluminum? I’m guessing disappointment.

I should say that I have never used a corn cob bit - so maybe they are better than sliced cheese.


Check Amazon before you buy anything there. Save stuff for much less.

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Everywhere I looked makes the same claims about the corn cob bits. But they only serve a singular purpose.

I gotta say though, it would have to be some really sharp cheese to cut better than even the cheapest bit.

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Too much cutting and pasting these days. But everyone needs to make a living, and it’s good for a giggle - so cut and paste away!

Reasonable quality great value bits are available - but getting such through drop shippers may prove rather elusive - spending time searching for Big Foot / Yeti / Sasquatch might be more productive.

I figured if nothing else, it would be a good conversation starter. I wasn’t disappointed there. I’d rather be finishing my dust/sound hood and making wood chips. Unfortunately kids are sleeping.


I have seen this setup before. Someone will create a “legit” website, sell something for insanely cheap, in hopes of getting hundreds if not thousands of orders in a day or two.

Then they take your money, withdraw it and run away while you get wait for your money back. I would be weary of purchasing anything from here.


Our Unbeatable Guarantee

We are out developing new upgrades and on the hunt for some of the most unique home products in the world, like our Red coated end mills that are proven to cool down material better that our blue coated ones, or the Zmega extend gantry with 37foot travel for those times you need to cut logs vertically – and we back it up with our 40 Day Guarantee. We GUARANTEE that nothing good will come of this, apart from the transaction to get your money that will work flawlessly first time!

If you don’t have a happy experience, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied that you are being ripped off with your purchase. Feel free to contact us for any assistance you might need. But please note we simply do not care or even exist, so the phone will ring out or be answered by the local domino Pizza shop.

We pride our self on the values our company has, so here are 400 paid reviews that you can look at, relating to products we don’t even stock, we know this is the confidence boost you will need to ensure you know we are a solid company.

Here is a list of our partners, well we say that, but in reality they have sued us twice already, but hey you know the saying it takes two to tango… therefore we are a partnership.

But please if you are not sold, here listen to Ron A - another valued sexist customer who clearly shares the same values about the human race we do, go ahead Ron let them know your wife has two hands and a single cell to use to make this CNC machine!!

“This is a lot of fun. My wife set up the machine and was up and running in less than 2 hours. YoraHoe machines and accessories are fantastic, and the support you get is beyond fantastic. We are very happy to be part of the YoraHoe family.”

—Ron A., YoraHoe customer

Well i think i know i will be smashing that buy buy buy button today with them!

LOL i loved reading this site, thanks @JVarn !!


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