Bits given to me

I was given these bits, wondering if I could or should try and use them. They are meant for Formica. Carbide tipped.

The only bit I think I can use would be the vee bit for vee cutting…


The ones with bearings I would probably not attempt. The vee-bit can certainly be used.


Agreed on the bearing ones. They aren’t bottom cutting so unless you do some very careful cam work, you’re gonna have a bad time.

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Bearings and cnc do not get along. Controlling the bearing along the edge is impossible. They were meant to ride along a handheld router and are very good at that not so much in cnc.

The vee grove may work but feel the edges to see if it is sharp. Laminate dulls even carbide quickly. Feel the edge and compare to 301/302.

They are fresh out of the package. I was assuming the vee would be the only one I could use. Shaft is a bit long. The slot up the shaft made it a multifunction tool for the laminate.

Heck, free is free if it will work for a while

I personally would not put a used cutter from someone else in my cnc, you never know how it has been used/abused.

The middle looks like the ones used to drill & route holes in formica. It is designed to plunge down and then use the side blades to enlarge the hole/cutout, so the tip might not behave well with side loads associated with v-carving.


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