Bitsetter, Advanced vCarve - how to change tool?

Just installed Bitsetter, and I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to change the tool during run.

I made an Advanced VCarve, with pocketing, of some letter forms. When I run it, the machine does the pocketing, then just stops and hovers over where it finished the pocket, with no room to change the tool. Carbide motion gives me no “tool change” option, just the start button, which just starts the next part of the job (the V carve) as if I had been able to change the tool.

Is there something I’m missing in making the gcode?

Do you have the BitSetter enabled in Motion?

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yes, it’s enabled and configured. using the latest of motion and cc. it does test the tool at first initialization.

Which post-processor do you have selected in Carbide Create? Be sure to use a Carbide 3D one w/ homing switches.

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thanks, didn’t see anything about that setting.

@WillAdams beat me to it. Edit–>Select Post Processor


Thank you very much for this post. I was working through the same issue. Appreciate the troubleshooting. I’m up and running with my bitsetter.