Bitsetter Config... what am i doing wrong?

I have a Shapeoko 5 Pro and it came with a bit setter. I hook it up on the installation side and it is all correct. When I go into carbide motion to configure and learn the bitsetter X/Y/Z position i follow along with the instructional video however, my version of carbide create doesnt allow me to set the zero location for the bitsetter. When i continue on with the configuration, my machiene always returns to the North East corner of the cutting area and attempts to set the bit z. below is a picture of the settings in carbide motion. The video has an additional block to set the x and y for the bitsetter. My version of carbide motion (downloaded the latest version 2 weeks ago) does not have this feature. See picture below. Please help.

This is now done as part of machine configuration:

I knew it had to be something easy. Thanks

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