BitSetter, Dust Boot, and Carbide Motion - Suggestion

I made this suggestion to the help desk directly, but thought I’d post it here to get your feedback (and maybe, there’s some other way to do this):

The problem is that when moving over to measure at the BitSetter, the support arm for the SuckIt dust boot comes in contact with the BitSetter body - therefore, you have to remember to raise the right support, let it measure, come back to center, and lower the bitsetter arm before starting the spindle. Doable, but a PITA.

I realize that it’s a third-party problem, but those third party products help sell Shapeokos by filling in for products that Carbide3D isn’t producing…So…

I think there’s a simple solution that will get rid of the issue that will not take more than a macro change to CM to change the gantry path to the BitSetter. The option is as follows:

  • Add an option in the BitSetter section of the Settings panel: “Use alternate homing route” that will cause the Shapeoko to take a different route when approaching and leaving the BitSetter.
  • If the option is chosen, then the Shapeoko, rather than traveling straight across the front of the machine after tool change, would move back towards the center (about 6 inches ought to do it), then come over to the right, directly behind the BitsSetter, then come forward to straddle the bitsetter and plunge.
  • After measurement, it would return to front and center via the same route (back ~6", left to center, forward ~6") and prompt for spindle speed.

If the option is not selected, the Shapeoko would use the existing macro, so it would continue to follow the direct path between tool change position and plunging position (so users who don’t have the issue would still have the most efficient path available to them).

This option would easily accommodate the attachments that mount to the sides of the Shapeoko Z assembly and be much more convenient than having to move the support arm with each tool change and homing cycle.

  • Gary

Interesting that you’re having this issue. I have the bit setter and the Suck it dust shoe and it doesn’t interfere - doesn’t even come close. I use the 1 1/4" brush as opposed to the 3/4" so maybe that’s why - can you do the same?

No…I use the 3/4 because I was having issues with my Carbide Router Spindle lock coming in contact with the plastic insert on the boot when using small bits, throwing off my Z axis height and even breaking one of the inserts. Moving to the 3/4 brush resolved that issue, but now my boot arms are at 1 or even below for some wood thicknesses.

I’d LOVE to see this option. I use the PwnCNC boot and have the same issue when my material thickness gets close to ½" and below.


There are MANY options that surround the Bitsetter and “BitZero” tools that @robgrz has refused to be flexible in that regard.

I know there are a lot of workflows that people can come up with as a compromise. We understand them and we’re not going to implement them. This comes off much more harshly than I intend but I want to be very clear about this behavior in particular so that nobody is under the impression that we’re flexible on the topic.

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Gary - when you say the plastic insert on the boot, are you referring to what SuckIt calls their “Router Shield”? I removed my Router Shield for Z travel and most recently switched over to the taller 1-1/4” brushes as Stan also mentioned. This set up allows me to maintain clearance for the BitSetter and maximize plunge depth; the dust extraction works just as good with the router sealing up the area where the router shield was.

Still…I’d like to hear it directly from Carbide3D. This is a SIMPLE thing for them to do: A small change to the GRBL commands to move to a known coordinate from a known coordinate via a different path. It would be short-sighted to ignore the needs of one’s customers just because they’re using a 3rd party product that Carbide3D has chosen not to provide. I could understand it if Carbide produced a dust boot and had solved the issue for themselves, but the SuckIt dust boot solution seems to be a highly popular option and adds great value to the Shapeoko as a solution for Carbide3D.

@ RoughDraft40 Yes…that’s the piece. I have found that without that insert, the suction is nowhere near as efficient. I want to use the insert, if possible.

(not Tex’s words, quote from @robgrz)
Yeah, why try to support your customer base…