BitSetter firmness - fragile endmills?

Just finished setting up my Shapeoko Pro (upgraded from a 3 XXL) and I had previously used the 3rd party bitsetter. The BitSetter on the Pro is much more firm as the 3rd party just uses an off the shelf momentary button. My question is, I’m a little concerned on how small or fragile of an endmill I can use on the BitSetter since it seems like it is a pretty stiff button. I use some 1/16 flat, .25mm engraver, and even 1/32 endmills sometime, especially for detailed aluminum work. I’m concerned that I’ll snap a bit on the button. I’d rather not snap a $40 Amana ZrN bit measuring tool length.

Any first hand experiences?

I haven’t had any difficulties yet and I’ve used 1/32" as well as 1/8" V endmills as acute as 45 degrees and a 1/4" 30 degree V endmill — the button motion should be smooth, and the spring-loading evenly distributed, so the forces should be concentric and even.

Thanks, that’s what I was wondering. I mean, I get that the endmills aren’t supposed to be fragile or anything, just wondering about some real-world experience. I’ll give it a shot!

I use my BitZero and BitSetter for my 0.0177", 0.0150", 0.0120" and 0.0100" end mills, so it should be fine.

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