Bitsetter md-project on endmill break

Hi! So I’m getting the hang of things with cheap bits and decided to experiment with feed speeds. I snapped a 1/16" bit and hit pause immediately. But I couldn’t find out how to switch a bit and have the bitsetter do a Z check.

I could obviously switch the bit out, but is there an option somewhere to make the bitsetter do a check? I’d hate to have to re zero the z axis mid project manually. Maybe even a “step back gcode by x seconds” would be cool too on the pause screen so if you break a bit and dont hit pause fast enough, you can switch bits, have the bitsetter do it’s thing, then step back 10 seconds so the bit hits the missed part!


This is a great feature request for @robgrz … to have a “remeasure with bitsetter” button in the pause screen…


I agree.

Broken bits is one use-case.

Another is when you suspect the bit you’ve selected is actually a bit worn and not cutting well, and you want to replace it mid-job.

An excellent point — hopefully @robgrz will weigh in and if suitable it will get added to Carbide Motion.

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