BitSetter off after CM upgrade

I just upgraded to CM 618 (from 5xx) and am running into a problem with setting Z using BitSetter.

Please see this video:

After probing, the command I select is to move to Z + 6mm yet the bit almost touches the surface of the stock. Any idea what could be causing this?

Shapeoko Pro XL

Did you configure for a V1 Bit Setter rather than the V2 you are using?

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No — you can see in the video that the v2 bitsetter is displayed in the probing screen, ie. it is selected.

I figured it out. With the upgrade I had to re-setup my machine and I mistakenly selected “Shapeoko Pro with HDZ”. After reinitializing with Z-Plus, things work now.


As you found out the Z-Plus and HDZ have different steps. The HDZ has more steps per inch than the Z-Plus. Plus they run in opposite directions. So if your Z goes down at initialization that is a clue that the configuration was set up wrong.

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I am a little confused.
It looks like the video is a bit zero not a bit setter?
I am having a problem with the upgrade and cannot get the tool measurement (bit setter?) to work properly.
I reloaded the CMv6 and it will not allow me to select betweem the HDZ and z Plus models.
Any suggestions?

I have a Shapeko 4.
Should I try to get a previous version of CM?

First see:

If that doesn’t work, check in at

just got off the phone with support and problem solved!

Yes my post was talking about BitZero. I can never remember which is which.

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