Bitsetter Operation

The start-up workflow using the BitSetter is as follows:

  1. Power on and connect to machine.
  2. Initialize Machine – this will begin a homing cycle.
  3. After the homing cycle completes, the gantry will automatically move to the front-right location and prompt you to insert a tool. Think of this as ‘homing’ the tool offset.

Our Shapeoko moves to front-CENTER location. Does this make a difference?

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It comes front-center to allow you to insert a tool. When you press RESUME, it will travel to the right and engage the bitsetter.


That is what I thought but the directions above came from the Shapeoko bitsetter directions pdf so I thought I better check. Thank you


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

@GJM is correct — I’ve mentioned this typo to the folks doing the documentation and we’ll get it fixed.

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