Bitsetter plunge speed and x axis question

2 questions.

  1. Is it possible to slow down the first plunge speed that the bitsetter does? I mostly ask since some engraving bits that I purchased seem to be quite delicate

  2. I have noticed during the bitsetter operation, that when the x axis moves over to the bit setter, the last 1/3 of the movement along the x axis produces a clicking or thunking noise, I only notice this noise during bitsetter operation, not during the homing cycle, and not moving the x axis in fast mode along the same path.

Any suggestions on what to look at?

  1. No, not with Carbide Motion.
  2. Do you have your correct sized machine selected? Video would help.
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Thanks for the info about the bitsetter
I will try to upload a video of the x axis sometime soon

Check your v-wheels. They can be tightened but if the bolt isn’t tightened and snug, it will clunk during some movements. I just helped a buddy of mine diagnose the same issue.


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