Bitsetter probe detected as closed

BS001: The BitSetter probe is already detected as closed.

This can be cause by several things:

  • The BitSetter button is jammed down.
  • If you have a BitZero, is it touching the ground clip? (Is the red LED lit?)

the light on my bit setter is red and when i push the button down it turns green. The button is not jammed and feels free to move up and down. i done a search for similar problems no luck. anybody seen this before?

Let me throw this to see if it sticks to the wall.

New Bitsetter?
Have you possibly pinched the harness?
The connection is behind the front plate, You can open it up to check the connection.

I don’t know how it is happening. Running it through my pea brain.

Good luck

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It sounds like the other limit switch issues where the limit always indicates down in CM while looking good at the switch, the bitsetter is just another limit switch used for a diff purpose. For reference search the forums for grbl 8, hm001 and hm008 for starters,

I’ve had this issue 3 times, all were or are in the process of being corrected by new hardware. A front plate and new controller(s). Also had some assorted wiring issues with them as well so take a look at your connections.

Get in touch with support, it’s likely going to be your path of resolution.

Thank yall for the replys. I have came across another issue also.

“will not pull off homing switches”

I did contact support last night. Hopefully we can find a fix tonight and get this thing making some dust.

I will double check my wiring also this evening when i get home from work.
Asking for a friend “ isnt it kinda hard to mess up the wiring” each connector has male and female end. Most are different pin counts and can only go to 1 spot.
Please tell me if i and missing something.

So in CM it is showing the bitsetter is made and i have disabled bitsetter and unpluged it. It is still showing as made. I feel like it is something in my controller or possibly CM. Having trouble talking to support with me being on the east coast and my busy schedule dont help at all. I have sent pictures like they asked but probally will be Monday before they get back to me😩

Realized had bitsetter plugged i to the wrong connection. I had it plugged into the inside connector instead of in front below the C

It is working correctly now. Big shout out to Brandon from support!!

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I made the same mistake actually.

Brandon is AWESOME! Great guy and he has helped me too!