Bitsetter problem off by .045"

My Bitsetter seems to be off by .045". I initialize the machine, it comes to the front, change bits, goes to the bitsetter, measures and comes back, I zero x,y,z with the bitzero, and go back to the bitsetter just to be sure, then I bring β€œz” down and it hits the project at .045" Cure???

Whether you are setting just Z or x y and z the BitZero rocks. You may have to hold it down on the surface solidly to get a good reading. Frankly I have a BitZero and I use the paper method more than I use the BitZero. Also check that your BitSetter is solidly mounted. If the set screws are loose it may be bouncing up and down. Not probable but something to check is the button on the BitSetter smooth. If the button has any hesitation or roughness that could cause you to be off. One more thing to check is your wasteboard, is there any spring in it. Maybe check your wasteboard for low spots.

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First thing to do is, create your step-by-step procedure (not from memory; from process). Questions will come up, like from your step 7, β€œHow do you go back to the bitsetter?” and you step 6, β€œHow do you XYZ zero with the BitZero?” β€œWhich BitZero do you have?”

Be very specific.


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