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How can I verify my Bitsetter is working correctly? I’ve been trying to do a practice advanced vcarve (both from CC and now VCarve) where I create an inlay vcarve with a max depth of .2 but my cut with the .125 EM immediately plunges to .4 even on first pass. Here are steps I’ve taken. Connect to machine and set zero for X,Y using 60D Vbit since it was already in spindle. Then I loaded file which prompts for bit change. After loading .125 EM and after bitsetter routine, I zero the Z axis on material surface (paper method) and reset it to zero manually using paper. I then run the file and just hit resume on prompt for bit install .125EM since it’s already installed. It then goes thru another bitsetter check but when I start the routine the .125 EM immediately plunges to .4 on the first pass. My material thickness .721 (birch ply) is correct in CC and is based on material surface and starting depth is 0, max depth is .2. After I stop the cut and manually jog the machine back to x,y,z zero the setting on the CM Offset for Z is .357 which should be 0 right? I hope this make sense because I’m frustrated that I can’t trust the bitsetter.

it is very important to only zero your work piece after the machine has used the bitsetter to measure the length of the bit.
doing it in the other order will make the tool not work; it will adjust the zero point based on the bit length difference it measures, which is not what you wanted.

the easiest way to do this is in CM to only ever use the “CHange tool” button in order to change the actual tool.

I manually zeroed with the .125 EM (paper method) but when I run the job it goes thru a mandatory bitsetter routine that appears to be changing my Z zero.

it will change your zero if you did not ALSO first have the bitsetter measure your bit.

so you MUST measure your bit with bitsetter before you zero to the work…

otherwise it assumes the previous lenght, and will apply a delta based on previous-vs-current to your zero point.

So you are saying I need to put what ever EM I intend to use first in the spindle during the initialization prompt because that serves as a reference for future bitsetter measurements, correct?

yes , or if you get it wrong, you need to use the “Change tool” button in the UI (which will cause the bit to be measured again)

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Awesome, thanks for the explanation. I was not aware the first homing routine for the bitsetter was an initialization I will try a couple of runs of the same gcode file later to verify.

Thanks again!

I’m beginning to wonder how many of these same threads are on the forum about how the bitsetter works.

Why isn’t there clear instructions on the exact procedure for the latest software that anyone can follow without tearing up some good wood. (And don’t point to tutorials that haven’t been updated.) :smiley:


This advice was spot on for me… thanks!!!

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